What do I need to do?

Kansas City wedding planning
  • Fill out our planning sheet
    In order to give you the best service, we need to keep track of your dates, places, names and phone numbers. So the first thing to do is to please fill out our planning sheet. You can fill out the form online or you can print it out and send it by email or regular mail.
  • Gather and send material for the video scrapbook
    If you have chosen to have a video scrapbook (included in all our packages) there are a few things we need from you.

    The video scrapbook is a montage of memories set to music. Your memories, your family photos, baby pictures, holiday snapshots, pictures of ticket stubs or programs, etc. Your job is to gather up all the photos you want us to use and send them to us. A little tip: family members and close friends might have great photos in their own albums of you and your loved ones - don't forget these great sources!

    How many?
    That's up to you. Each of our packages has a maximum number of photos: up to 100 photos for the Silver package, 150 for the Gold, and up to 200 photos for the Platinum and Diamond packages. For video scrapbooks ordered separately you can have up to 100 photos. You can also add extra photos to your package at a tiny cost pr. photo. (Read more about our packages and prices)

    Numbering is important!
    Please number the photos in the sequence in which you would like them shown. If you send photos by mail or deliver them in person, please write the number on the back. If you upload digital photos please add the sequence number to the file name, so your intentions are clear. Example: sally_thompson_42.jpg

    Label photo
    It's a nice touch to burn a special photo onto the label of your DVD. This could be one of the photos in your scrapbook or a totally different one. Please send us the photo or let us know which one you want as the label photo. Example: sally_thompson_42_labelphoto.jpg

    The video scrapbook is set to music of your choice. We ask you to provide your song selections on a CD. Many popular songs are available in multiple versions and we want to be sure you get the exact version you had in mind. You need at least 2 songs for the Silver and Gold package versions. The Platinum and Diamond versions are longer, so 3-4 songs should be provided. As a guide, a song for every 20 photos is about right.

    If you need some inspiration, we're happy to provide suggestions about the music.

    How to send them
    If you have photos or songs on your computer, you can upload them directly to us from this website. Note that photos directly from your camera can be very large files and won't upload. If you know how to compress them to a slightly smaller file size, it will work better, but there could be a trade-off in quality. Instead, you can burn the photos and music on to a CD or DVD and mail them to us. Alternatively, you can also send the original prints by mail or deliver the material in person if you prefer.

    Time is of the essence!
    Your help with these selections is greatly appreciated. Since we can't "do our thing" until we receive your photos and music, your prompt attention ensures the timely completion of your order.

    Please feel free to call if you have any further questions or concerns
  • Talk to the celebrant about camera placement
    The rules of the church may affect the outcome of the final product. Please talk with your celebrant beforehand to find out what they allow as far as camera placement is concerned.

    We are very discreet and know how to "hide in plain sight", and we won't get in the way of the wedding party or block the guests' view. We respect the rules of the church or synagogue and can find a solution to any constraint, but we need to plan in advance for particular limitations, so please let us know in good time.
  • Shooting the Love Story, or other custom features
    The Love Story video is part of the Diamond package and sometimes people want to order special items like this separately. If you ordered this, we need to arrange a time to film your story. So think about what you want to say and where and when to do it. Is there a special place you two call yours, a meaning behind where/how you met? In your own words we want you to tell us your story.

    Do you want it shown at the rehearsal or reception? Friends and family love to see this, particularly having the chance to hear the other person's side of the story! If so, you'll want to include this in your planning so there is a screen and a way to play the video.
  • And finally...
    you can relax! It's all over but the smiling!!

    Your hard work is done and the rest is up to us. You can be secure in the knowledge that we'll arrive on time, our equipment will function properly, we'll capture all the important highlights and deliver your package at the arranged time to your full satisfaction. We've got your back!

    If you have any questions, just give us a call or send us a message.
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