Wedding jitters?

Planning a wedding can be filled with excitement and joy, and also some nerves and concerns of all kinds. We've helped brides, grooms, and family members navigate the process for over 20 years. We can help you make good choices during your planning, so you can relax and enjoy the day of your dreams.

The last thing you want to worry about is whether your precious memories will be spoiled by intrusive wedding photography or how well your memories will be captured and preserved for the future. We wish we could do all the worrying for you, but to help soothe any planning jitters you might have, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions and concerns, together with our best answers.
  • I'm not sure I like the idea of a video film crew running around during my wedding....
    Our job is to be subtle, discreet and work behind the scenes. We dress nicely and our manners would make our mothers proud.

    We only use 1 light at the reception and it is muted. That means it lights up even less than a camera flash. You won't hate it - in fact, we bet you won't even notice it.

    We're good at this and our experience lets us help your wedding party and guests relax, smile and laugh. A little flower girl standing in the wings and starting to cry is putty in our hands. We've got your back, and you won't even know it.

  • We're on a budget! It seems really expensive!
    "As a newlywed myself, I understand that weddings can be expensive affairs and it's tempting to look for ways to cut costs and stretch the budget" - Bill Groner, Village Video Productions

    But let us make our case for why we think our services should be included:

    Don't skimp on the permanent things
    You will probably be spending a large part of your wedding budget on things that have a very short "shelf-life". Flowers, music, food, perhaps a limo-ride - these are important parts of a beautiful wedding, but once used, they're gone forever. Even the wedding dress, for most brides, is used for a day and then never again. The things that last forever - the wedding rings and the memories, captured through still and video photography - deserve their fair share of your budget.

    The bride misses most of the action!
    Traditionally, the bride stays hidden until the moment she walks down the aisle - and she's the last one to enter. Leading up to that dramatic climax, what's transpired? The groom's nervous twitching or maybe some watering eyes as he sees his bride for the first time, the adorable antics of the ring bearer, the looks of pride from the parents and friends, the palpable excitement building up in the room... These are glorious images that mean the world to most brides, and many never ever get to see them! You will - and they are sure to be some of your favorite treasures.

    Time flies - and too fast
    Family members will not be with us forever, the flower girl and ring bearer grow up. We can't stop the relentless march of time, but we can capture this one day for you.

    Still photos are great - video even better
    A skilled photographer can capture your memories in beautiful images for you to treasure. But which ones? Taking a photograph implies a choice: which part of the scene makes it into the frame and which split-second of time does the shutter capture? The videographer captures a broad range of important images. The camera pans from left to right, zooms in close and pulls back, and keeps on running - showing you what went on "behind the scenes" and pulling out valuable details the still photograph didn't catch. (By the way, we work closely with some of Kansas City's best wedding photographers and are happy to recommend any of our preferred vendors.)

    The sound of silence
    The still photograph makes no sound. You can't hear the music, you can't hear the vows spoken with voices full of tenderness and emotion, you can't laugh again and again at the hilarious toasts.

    All in all, we think that the ability to recall the magic of the day and reconnect with the people who were with you on that special day through the magic of video is priceless.

    We're a small company with low overhead
    We like to stay "lean and mean", keep our costs very low and pass on that savings to you. We don't maintain fancy offices, and we'd rather invest in solid dependable equipment than the latest gadgets. We require a fair price for our services and in return, we deliver on our promise of craftsmanship and quality.

  • How far in advance of the wedding do I need to decide?
    The early bird gets the worm. Usually, our customers confirm a date with us about 6 months in advance of the wedding date. We will reserve the date for you upon payment of a 20% non-refundable retainer (see our Packages for pricing and payment informtion). If you're not ready to book but still want to check our availability, feel free to call us. We're happy to pencil you in, but with no commitment on your part and no guarantee on ours, until we're ready to finalize things together.

    Experience shows that March through September is the busiest period and since most weddings are on weekends, the number of available dates is not large. If your wedding date falls in this period or near the winter holidays, we urge you to check with us as soon as possible.
  • How can we be sure we will like the finished product?
    We are proud to be able to brag a little: we seem to make our customers really happy. We'll do everything we can to make sure that counts for you too!

    You might want to take a look at some of the testimonials we've received from our customers and see some of our example work. If you want a full list of references or a sample DVD, we're happy to provide that too.

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