Video jounalistic style

Wedding Photojournalism is characterized by its candid, creative and natural results spanning serious to humorous scenes. While traditional wedding photography dictates the setting, a wedding photojournalist documents the moment as it naturally happens.

The finished product is a result of the videographer and editor's creativity and skill. By combining footage from multiple camera angles and careful editing, the videographer creates a work of cinematic art especially for - and about - you.

Our payment policies

We ask for a 20% non-refundable retainer to reserve the date for you. The remainder is due in full two weeks before the wedding date, also non-refundable.

We accept cash, checks (please make payable to Village Video Productions), Mastercard and Visa. You can also pay online using a major credit card or PayPal.

Ceremony coverage

Ceremony coverage includes everything that happens during the wedding ceremony itself.

We are in place before the guests arrive and leave after the church or other location is empty again. We capture the wedding from a panoramic view showing the setting and the entire wedding party, and close coverage of the procession, bride and groom’s expressions and reactions, vows, family and friends.

The number of cameras depends on the package you’ve chosen.

Number of cameras

The number of cameras depends on the package you’ve chosen. The Silver package is shot from two angles (front and rear), capturing both the bride’s reactions and those of family and friends. The second camera is in the balcony, capturing the wedding from a panoramic view and showing the entire wedding party.

The Gold, Platinum and Diamond packages use 3 cameras, 2 manned and 1 unmanned. In general, the more footage and variety of camera angles, the better. A great video comes from great editing, designed to tell your story in a compelling way. Cutting back and forth from face to face, from long shots to close-ups, etc. makes the final video more visually appealing and lifelike.

Manned cameras capture spontaneous action and the faces and reactions of both bride and groom, for example. The unmanned camera captures establishing shots, the room, the "birds-eye view", etc - important images that set the scene and provide atmosphere and depth.

We respect any rules and restrictions placed upon us by the church or venue, and have ways to compensate for situations where we aren’t able to place our cameras in the ideal location for best coverage and we are silent and almost invisible. The more angles we can capture, the better you will like the final edited video, as we can edit with subtle cuts between the various viewpoints, creating a realistic and artistic film. Unlike Hollywood, we only get one “take” on this most important ceremony. Making sure we’ve got all the angles covered is important.

Pre-ceremony coverage

Pre-ceremony coverage captures events that occur earlier in the day before the ceremony. We shoot the impromptu "behind-the-scenes" events that make a great wedding video really fun and personal. These include:

  • the wedding party getting ready
  • first time bride and groom see each other, if this takes place before the ceremony
  • children running around playing
  • groomsmen teasing the groom, nerves and excitement
  • church decorations, candle lighting, etc.
  • seating of grandparents, etc.

The amount of coverage depends on the package. Our Silver package doesn't include pre-ceremony coverage, since we arrive in time for the ceremony itself but not far in advance. Even so, we'll do our best to capture whatever we can. The Gold and Platinum packages make sure we come to the church ahead of time, specifically to cover the pre-ceremony events. Optionally, we can follow one of the parties (usually the bride) through preparations at home.

Our Diamond package makes sure we can cover any or all of the "behind the scenes" action, for example both the bride and groom getting ready. Some of our brides like us to capture the fun of the hair and makeup preparations at the salon, for example. If you have special plans for the wedding morning, let us know and we can suggest ways to make a fantastic wedding video.

Occasionally, our brides want us to film her preparations at the hair salon at 9:00 am, then on to make-up at 12:00 then getting dressed at 3:00 pm, for example. We are happy to offer a custom price for extended pre-ceremony coverage if it exceeds the limits of your package.

Reception coverage

Depending on the package, coverage lasts between 3-4 hours and includes the traditional activities of a reception. We ask you to let us know which traditions you plan to include so we make sure to be ready and well-positioned to capture things unobtrusively. Besides the cake cutting, dancing, etc, we also try to capture the room and the decorations that the wedding planners spent so much time and energy making perfect and beautiful.

Some of our customers want to record a private moment for their future children, or to have a chance to catch their breath and thank each other and family for this day. Having a recorded message, the first as a married couple, is often a fun thing to look back on through the years to come. Some couples like to invite their friends and families to record fun greetings and good wishes that the couple won't see until later.

We never just sneak off into the sunset. We make sure to check with you, or your wedding planner or parents, that we haven't missed anything important before we go - and to add our good wishes.

Wedding Day montage

The montage is the video you're likely to show most often. We take all the very best moments from your wedding, and distill it down to a fun and beautiful “final cut”.

In our post-production editing, we sift through all those hours of footage and assemble the best parts into a narrative flow complete with titles, fades, wipes and subtle special effects to make your wedding video a thrill to watch.

Not everyone will want to see hours of your wedding videos, but all your friends and family will love this special feature.

Video scrapbook

Your own photographs, your own music - put together in a wonderful video to savor and share. Many couples enjoy showing this at the rehearsal or reception, and guests love seeing baby pictures, school, vacation and other pictures of the bride and groom. It is a great way to set the mood and tell a fun story.

Price varies depending on the number of photos used. Purchased separately, the video scrapbook includes, on average, 100-150 photos and 2-3 songs. The video scrapbook is included in all our wedding packages at no extra charge.

Besides weddings, a video scrapbook is perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, family reunions or anytime you want to honor someone or tell a story in photographs, set to music. It makes a great Christmas present, particularly for parents and grandparents.

The “Love Story” video

In your own words, at a location that holds special meaning for you, and usually several weeks in advance of your wedding, you tell your story, show pictures or souveniers from vacations, special trinkets, whatever makes it your very own special feature video.

We can help you with ideas and inspiration, or see the example that a Village Video couple, Lisa and Dave, were kind enough to share.

Many couples like to show the Love Story video at the rehearsal dinner or reception. Others just enjoy telling their story as a meaningful memento that is fun to share with family, future children or friends.

Part of the Diamond package, the Love Story video is a "special feature" video produced just for you. Many couples enjoy recounting the first time they met, where they went on their first date, first impressions or other interesting anecdotes. What led you to be here together on this special day?

The average length of the finished feature is about 20 minutes. You can customize any package to include a "Love Story" type video. Contact us to put together a package just for you.

Rehearsal Dinner coverage

The rehearsal dinner is often humorous and informal in tone and full of fun memories that are great to have and share with friends who were not present. We stay for the entire dinner so as not to miss any of the toasts but just to make sure we don't fall asleep during the wedding, we set a time limit of about 4 hours. In our experience, that is enough time to cover the entire rehearsal dinner.

Rehearsal dinner coverage can include some of the things we often capture during the reception, such as private messages for the bride and groom from the family or close friends, or special thank yous from the bride and groom to their families. If it suits your plans and mood to film this kind of thing the day before, rather than during the reception, we're happy to accommodate.

If your package includes a Love Story video and/or the video scrapbook, the rehearsal dinner is often a time when couples like to show this, depending on the venue and the plans for the evening.

Rehearsal coverage

Rehearsal coverage captures the rehearsal itself, at the venue of the wedding itself.

Some of the best footage in the final montage includes the transformation from rehearsal to wedding itself, where we can show, for example, the bride walking down the aisle in jeans in an unadorned church that suddenly morphs into full wedding gown and trail and a fully decorated church. This tiny detail provides a truly breathtaking effect.

Wedding and Event Videographers Association
The Wedding & Event Videographers Association International (WEVA) is the world's largest nonprofit trade association for professional wedding and event videographers. Based throughout the US and around the globe, WEVA International members are dedicated videographers who specialize in the art of documenting and preserving important social and corporate events and presentations. Read more at

DVD menu

Each package includes a number of different video items, presented on 1-2 discs. The Silver package, aimed to be as gentle as possible on your pocketbook, uses the simplest of menus, where you quickly can play your videos.

The Gold and Platinum packages provide a little bit more to make the videos special and personal. We adorn the menus with images from your wedding - either ones that you provide as photographs from your engagement, or that you arrange for your photographer to send us right after the wedding. We can add your favorite music to be played in the background or supply our own. These details might seem trivial but really add a lot to your enjoyment. The menu will include things such as "Pre-ceremony", "Ceremony", "Reception", etc.

With the Diamond package, we pull out all the stops, and provide individual scene selections so you very quickly can jump to the part of the video you want to see. For example, under "Reception" you might find scene selections for "Cutting the cake", "The First Dance", "Heading off for the honeymoon", etc. This is a very time-consuming process for us, finding and setting up the scene selections, so we can offer you some savings on the smaller packages by reserving this feature for Diamond and custom packages.

Number of copies

Depending on your package, the final videos will be delivered on 1-2 DVD's. To save you the trouble of copying these discs for your friends and family, we are happy to provide several sets. If the number of sets included with your package aren't enough, we're happy to provide you more for a minimal extra cost. See our package descriptions and extras for prices.

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